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We create digital downloadable comics – Comic Serials – available right here on our site.

Every few weeks we upload a new 8 to 10-page Comic Serial for the great price of just $1. At the end of each 7-issue run, we collect the individual issues into a gorgeous digital graphic novel, available in our Digital Download store.

In between our Comic Serials we also run occasional promotions on other books – stand-alones, fully remastered published works, free sketch books or whatever surprises await the scanner.

Check out our first series Twilight of the Gods available now! And RKF’s Digital Sketchbook, available now.

R. Kane Productions specializes in developing unique, creator-owned licenses for comics, film, gaming and animation. The company’s mission is to syndicate its fully painted and pen-and-ink sequential art across media outlets.


New Comic Serial Downlaod – Twilight of the Gods – Here at last!

Issue #1 – Availble Now
Written and Penciled by Richard Kane Ferguson 

Back in the day – as in the first day – the Gods created Woman. The first Man came later, more of an afterthought, designed to do the dirty work. Those first women were hotness incarnate and it wasn’t long before the Gods took a few as wives and the real trouble started.

Format: 10 page comic. For mature audiences 18+
Price: $1.00
Preview Pages

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Current FREE Digital Download: Richard Kane Ferguson’s Sketch Book

Issue #1 – Sketch Book: Ramblings, Dreams & Sketches
Written and Penciled by Richard Kane Ferguson 

A collection of old and new and a few things in between, Richard Kane Ferguson’s Book of Ramblings, Dreams & Sketches includes ten conceptual drawings culled from the sketch book pages of The Golden Age: Book of Xell, and Twilight of the Gods, along with hand written notations from the original Golden Age script.

Format: 10 page format, Comic Sketch Book
Price: FREE

Download now – Richard Kane Ferguson Sketch Book