Pulp Heroes

by admin on February 26, 2011

Pulp Heroes

Imagine the greatest heroes from the Pulp Era, all together on one team, fighting the darkest villains of their day: The Jungle Lord; the man with a very deep tan; the albino adventurer/scientist who seeks vengeance; the femme fatale whose dark kiss is death; and the man who rode a rocket ship to the stars and took on the Merciless One himself.
You know which characters I’m talking about – all of them based on classic, mythical archetypes and the source material for every comic that has come down the pike since. But hey, like that license is ever gonna’ happen.
In Pulp Heroes, Ferguson takes these archetypes, re-invents them and restores them to their rightful place in the Pantheon. The baddest of the bad; the toughest of the tough; the last hero you want to mess with when the world goes to hell. By re-imagining these characters in their original noir environment, Ferguson creates a milieu of sudden death, thrills and unlimited adventure and action. Steam punk and vice with everything that makes the supernatural nice.

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