Golden Age

by admin on February 26, 2011

Golden Age
The Book of Xell

Travel back through the mists of time to the original age of Gods and Heroes, back to the very beginning of myth and legend. It is the late cretaceous period, 65 million years ago. A time of wild magic and adventure, populated by all the strange creatures of our earliest stories. A time when the Gods and Man walked side-by-side through the sacred forests and jungles and working together, built the first great civilizations that will live forever in our collective imaginations.

But paradise comes at a cost. And sometimes the sagas lie. There is a darker reality at work, a malevolent secret that could bring the Golden Age crashing down, along with all of it’s magnificent creations.

This is the story of the demigod Xell. In time he will become Lord Protector of the tangled, sacred wood and his seeking will carry him further then any hero born of this age. But first he must stand against those that come from beyond the Dark Rift and the ruin of shattered Empires, far off amidst the stars. They come to claim their harvest and all they’ve secretly created. To claim the bounty of the Earth – but also in search of the perfect warrior, a being who can shake the heavens and bring their enemies to their knees. A warrior such as the Universe has never seen, foretold at the beginning of time.

Beware when you find exactly what you’re looking for….

The Golden Age The Book of Xell –  Coming soon as a digital comic serial and Graphic Novel from R. Kane Productions.

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