Founded in October 2009 by Richard Kane Ferguson and Renee Boucher Ferguson, R. Kane Productions is a development company specializing in producing unique, creator-owned licenses for comics, film, gaming and animation. The company’s mission is to syndicate its fully painted and pen-and-ink sequential art across media outlets. In a word, we develop beautifully rendered comics and graphic novels for digital and print distribution.

Comics Our Golden Age

Travel back through the mists of time to the original age of Gods and Heroes, back to the very beginning of myth and legend. It is the late cretaceous period.

Golden Age

This is the story of the demigod Xell. In time he will become Lord Protector of the tangled.

Pulp Heroes

Imagine the greatest heroes from the Pulp Era all together on one team fighting the darkest villains of their day

Twilight of the Gods

Back in the day – as in the first day – the Gods created Woman. The first Man came later, more of an afterthought.

Current and Upcoming titles by lead artist Richard Kane Ferguson include:

With a nod to our digital brethren, we hope to see Golden Age – and all our content – available across key digital platforms such as Comixology and, as the handful of major digital platform providers out there take on more creator-owned materials...

Digital Comic Series

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Saratoga Springs

After some weeks of trying to find just the right digital reader format R Kane Productions is screamin’ thrilled to announce Issue #1 of its first digital comic series.

Twilight of the Gods

The 10-page Comic Serial, available at, is created in pen & ink and written and illustrated by comic, gaming and fantasy veteran creator Richard Kane Ferguson.

In the spirit of Slaine:

The Horned God, Twilight of the Gods is a revisionist look at the Fall of the Gods and the apocalypse of the golden age of myth.

Great Empire

A good war is made to last forever. In Issue #1 of Twilight of the Gods discover the lost world of the first age of gods and heroes.

Top News And Update

How to Fix Cables on the Garage Door

How to Fix Cables on the Garage Door?

Every door is worked as a security for the things which are presented inside the door. So, you should maintain the garage doors properly. Undoubtedly, once your gate or garage is not functioning properly your security can be easily breached by intruders. This can lead to damage and loss of property which is something that you do not want to experience in any way. This means that you have to ensure that your gate or garage is in perfect condition. If you find any difficulties while opening or closing the door of your garage or gate you can make sure the problems are in the cable. Because the cable is an important aspect of the garage door. It will be the major part to accelerate or make the door working properly.  There are several ways to go about achieving this whole process or get rid of the problem of an improperly working garage door. If you are struggling to repair the garage door cables, just search any best experts to get it good as soon as possible.

What Is The Good Impact Of The Cable In The Garage Door?

What Is The Good Impact Of The Cable In The Garage Door

The cable is placed on each side of the Atlanta garage door experts, or gate. This will be used to swiping, pull up or pull down, and push or pull the door to get you in or out of the door. If the cable is not working properly you cannot able to enter or out from the door. This will help to move the door up or down, or sliding front or back smoothly. If anyone of the cables is Brocken it will become a problem. Once the cable is broken you should install the new one by the expert of the cable exchanger or you can fix this problem.

How To Replace The Cable From The Garage Door?

Removing the cable from the garage has become an easy way; just open the garage door before removing the broken cable. Give some holders to bearing the gates or garage door from flipping or slipping. Once you secure your gates you can remove the cable from the bottom of the garage door. Every garage door will have a hole or a straight line or holes to fix the gable. After removing the damaged cable, fix a new one. For fixing it just feed the cable inside the hole of the edge of the gate.

How To Replace The Cable From The Garage Door

You should buy the perfect sized cable for your garage door, because each cable will differ from size. If you bought the perfect size only it will fit perfectly in the gate. Make some concern while buying the new cable for your garage door. If you do not want to take any risk, you can refer to any experts or company services to fix the cable. The professional is making this work simply and also in the safest way. After changing the new cable for your garage door, it will smoothly without any diversions. These services are making your work simple and effective.

How Many Coats of Paint for the Exterior House

How Many Coats of Paint for the Exterior House?

The two coats of paint are good for every exterior house. Exterior paint colors for your existing home or new build can be most easy to decide from now. The choices are endless you can select your own decision of painting colors, the way of exterior house painting and the amount of paint needed for good looking at your homes will be the important thing. Homeowners with existing homes or houses are limited with their hard finishes of roofs, bricks, and stone. A production builder is usually giving you a choice. Exterior finishers are the first decision of homeowners make after they contract a new home. You should have two coats of paints for your exterior. Because the exterior areas mostly in the sunlight, so it may case for getting dull. If you applying a two coat paints on your exterior will work with you for more time. It will also be looking good and very attractive. Exterior areas are typically rough, you should patch that rough areas to smooth. Two coats of paint on the exterior of the house will make the exterior smooth and elegant.

How to pick the best exterior paint colors?

How to pick the best exterior paint colors

Both the new build and existing houses need the same guidelines. But the amount of the paint is differing from the building to the building. For the new build houses, you need to pick hard finishes such as the roof and stone or brick. For existing homes, you are limited by the roof and stone or bricks. As long as you just follow some of the basic guidelines for color. You can pick beautiful exterior finishes for your existing home or new build home. The process is the same for an existing home, except that you have to pick hard finishes first. For getting the best outlook of the exterior you should know all the processes of the exterior painting. Every work should need involvement to produce better performance. Likewise, exterior painting a house should also need a better involvement in selecting color, qualified paint, and labor to get the better performance. For the new and existing houses, the paint color should tie in with your hard finish colors. If you have an idea of painting, you’re new and existing houses make sure to test your point colors and quality of the paint for exterior painting.

Exterior paint colors for modern architecture

Modern architecture is massively popular technology right now. With this new and trendiest technology comes modern exterior finishes. If you are deciding to paint the exterior of the house with the modern exterior paint colors that you should think will look good on any exterior. If you are using more than one color for your exterior. You should check the matched color paints for your homes. You should match these paint swatches to your houses with outstanding modern designs and colors. If you want to see any preview and demo of the paint color also possible. The demonstration of the exterior is always good to get a better performance.

How Much does a Car AC Repair Cost

How Much does a Car AC Repair Cost?

Air conditional of the car repair cost between Rs two thousand and five hundred to three thousand and five hundred. Once you enter to repairing your air conditioner of the car, they can check the entire interior of the car fully. Air conditional compressor, fan, clutch, adjustment remote is just a part of the entire air conditioning system. But this not a useless part, this will be the most important component to run the air conditioner for more kilometers in an effective way. The conditioners are work effectively for a particular kilometer, after touching the extreme milage it automatically getting down. For that cause, you should repair your air conditioner in the better exchanger or repair shops. In a few places, the air conditioner compressors are also called as the air conditioner pump. This will play the vital parts to make us feel cool and happy when you are traveling. Look at this website Once we enter the outer surroundings, most of the places are heat and also so many air pollutions. In that situation, air conditioners save you from the polluted air and also make you cool and enthusiastic.

What are the cases if AC compressor failure?

What are the cases if AC compressor failure

In most of the cases, air conditioner compressor failure is the cause of whole system air conditioning malfunction. While you are using the air conditioner constantly for the more times will cause failure. Compressor clutch failure is one of the common in older vehicles. But in the general cases, air conditioner compressors tend to fail after sixty thousand to seventy thousand miles. But that time may be lengthened depending on the capacity of the car’s air conditioner, demand, and operating conditions. The average cost for an air conditioner compressor replacement differs from each car. It will be depending on your car what you have, how you maintain the air conditioner till the time of replacing. Maintaining the car and air conditioner will always an important impact of the good working. Few people make more concern about their vehicles and also maintain it very well. Those air conditioners are work extra time for the owner. In some car service centers are collecting the labor casts between five hundred to seven hundred. Air conditioner costs will change from car to car among many other variables and parts.

Which is the best way to save money on the replacement of AC?

Depending on your car, the labor price can vary greatly. But in a few service centers, they are collecting the labor cost from the replacement parts rate. If you have a small vehicle where everything is hard to get to the air conditioner repairing cost could be some small amount. If you have a large with plenty of air conditioners with a single car to work and does taking multiple parts so it will need a large amount. Air conditioner replacement costs can be less expensive compared to other works. Choosing a reliable and high reputation auto parts store to buy parts with less expensive prices is the best way to save money on the replacement of air conditioners.

How is Tyre Grip Generated?

One of the most important things in a car or any vehicle is Tyre. It is because they can help in providing a better grip with the road so that there are no accidents on the road. When you have a good grip, then it means you have better control over the vehicle.

Such things are important so that you won’t face any issues in your driving your car on the road. Every person should consider getting the Tyre of the car checked from time to time to ensure that it is in perfect condition so that there are no problems. You can take the help of an expert to get the best quality of services at

Implementing the Right Design

Implementing the Right Design

One of the things that can help in improving the grip of the car Tyre is its design. By using specific types of designs will help in improving the gifts as it will help in increasing the friction. So, it is important to consider such things when you are planning to buy new tires to ensure that it can help in improving the control over your car.

Also Depends on the Size of the Tyre

The friction for or the grip of the tire also depends upon the size. If the car Tyre is big, then it will surely have more grip with the road and helps you get better control when driving the vehicle. These things are important with the car to ensure that you can easily use the vehicle without any issues.

Molecular Adhesion of the Tyre

You can consider the molecular adhesion as the interaction between the Tyre rubber and the surface of the road, which helps in forming the grip. It is the molecule chain in the rubber that forms the bonds with the surface of the road.

When the Tyre starts to slide on the surface, then the chain is stretched, which can help in improving the viscosity and develop a friction force. It can help in preventing the slips on the road. There are consistent stretching and breaking helps in generating a visco-elastic work which can work on bonding energy and improve it depending on the temperature of the rubber.

Quality Of Materials For The Tyre

When you talk about what is tyre grip, then you have to check the quality of materials used in the Tyre. You must consider this factor so that there are no problems. Once you have this detail, you can easily understand all the things.

Quality Of Materials For The Tyre

So you need to make sure that you check this thing if you want to learn more about the Tyre grip. The higher quality of materials will offer a much better grip to the Tyre to ensure that there are no problems.

After reading all these things, you can easily understand what is tyre grip and why its important. Make sure that you get a good quality of Tyre for your car to avoid major issues. Once you have all the details, you can easily improve the care for your car and get the best outcome. You can check more info about the car Tyre grip online.

How To Configure Domain Name With Web Hosting

How To Configure Domain Name With Web Hosting?

Configuring domain name with web hosting is a prominent thing to look after. Precision and utmost care is prominent to take care of this task.  When you are done registering your business domain name and signed up with the suitable web server hosting service, then the very next step is to configure your hosting account. This process is otherwise called as setting your domain DNS. In general, DNS stands for Domain Name System and it is a crucial process to take your business live to the web. Novice often fined it a perplexing process but following the right procedure makes it simple.  The right procedures are listed below.

Configure Domain Name With Hosting Service:

Configure Domain Name With Hosting Service

In general, there two major ways of configuring the domain name with web hosting. They are explained below.

  1. Change nameserver at domain name registrar. It is one of the highly recommended method by experts. In this method, DNS zone is configured to match hosting’s IP address automatically. Control of domain settings can be easily transferred to hPanel and making management convenient.
  2. Pointing domain name via A record is another way of configuring. Changing IP address connected to DNS record is carried out in this process. Domain control stays in registrar. IP address remains static and it is recommenced when you are sure about IP address.

Changing Domain Nameservers

It is one of the highly recommended option by the experts in the field. The process of changing nameservers on various registrars is similar on all the registrars. The basic procedures are listed below.

  • Fish out the nameservers for your hosting and access hPanel’s DNS zone. Spot NS (Nameservers). Four nameservers are employed to ensure stability and maximum connectivity. When one failed, the other lends hand and solve the situations.
  • Nameservers are link to IP address and you can locate A (Host) section. Most of the time, you necessitates the name, sometimes IP as well.
  • Log in to control panel of domain registrar.
  • Now it is time to stick to DNS zone Editor. The name may differ in various hosting services but the common names are DNS editor, Manage DNS settings, etc.
  • It is time to clear all values from nameserver fields as well as input etc. Save the changes before exiting.

It may take a day for DNS to propagate worldwide.

Pointing Domain Name Via A Record:

Change A Record maps to suitable IP address. It is even possible to create two A records for domain name such as www subdomain and the other one is without it.

Name/Host- It refers domain or subdomain you need to configure it.

TTL-It is the short form of Time to Live. It decides the total time for server caches. Most of the time, the default value lies between in 4 hours.

Changing MX Record for Email

It generally specifies mail servers which grip incoming emails. Name refers domain name, priority should be set when you have more than one server.

Pointing Domain Name Via A Record

This is why domain name is configured with web server hosting. But if you are not confident enough to set your hands over it, it is better to seek professional help. The firm that render hosting service can also assist in completing this task. Instead of taking things in hand, consuming too time yet fail to achieve the target results, it is better to seek assistance of professional help.

I hope this article enlighten you about configuring domain name with web server hosting and eases all your intimidations in the process.

How to Install Wireless Security Camera System At Home

How to Install Wireless Security Camera System At Home?

These days, every homeowner wants to keep their home protected from thefts and other problematic attacks. In this work, the security cameras are contributing a little bit more all around the globe. In the same case, wireless security cameras have gained more popularity than other types of cameras. As the wireless security cameras are flexible, they can meet the security needs of the home owners. In addition, wireless security cameras are easy to install.

As a novice, it is worth more in the steps and methods you have to take for installing the wireless security camera system at home. As wireless cameras need less equipment, they can be very easy to Security Camera Installation in comparison to the wired security camera systems.  

Read the Manufacturer’s Installation Guide

Read the Manufacturer’s Installation Guide

Indeed, you need to be familiar with the manufacturer’s installation guide that you will receive along with the wireless security camera systems. Otherwise, you can follow the below-listed steps one by one:

Positioning Of the Cameras

Before you move to the further installation steps, positioning should be the main concern for you. You need to position your wireless security cameras at the best angles to get the desired images. It is your duty to install the wireless security cameras where they can easily access the Wi-Fi signals.

It means you have to decide where you should install the cameras to capture the best images and angles. Most of the homeowners prefer installing the wireless security cameras on walls. Hence, this is a worthwhile concept to understand before installing the security cameras.

Mark The Area to Install Cameras With A Pencil

Of course, you need to use a pencil for marking the areas where you want to install the security cameras. First of all, you need to hold the mounting set alongside the wall selected and spot the screw whole spaces by using a pencil. This is a very important step you need to follow for installing the wireless cameras.

Do Some Drilling Into The Chosen Wall

Do Some Drilling Into The Chosen Wall

Once you follow the previous step, do you have to do some drilling into the chosen wall? You have to drill the areas that you have marked early or with the help of a pencil. When you pre-drill the small holes, it will assist the screws to enter the wall perfectly without any further damage.

Align the Screw Holes With Wall Holes

Most importantly, you have to align the screw holes with the holes you have done in the wall. Make sure you will not forget to hold the mounting set alongside the wall for setting this alignment. Once you think that the holes in the wall and the screw holes are aligned, you can move to the next step.

Insert The Screws Into The Wall Holes

Now, this will be the time for you to insert the screws into the wall holes that you have already made. Ensure that you will fit the screws into the right holes to avoid any problem.

Setup The Camera Into The Bracket

It will be the time for you to set up the camera into the bracket that you have installed in the previous step. In addition, you can put the required battery in the camera.

Sync Wireless Cameras With Receivers

Sync Wireless Cameras With Receivers

Last but not least, you will have to sync the wireless security cameras with the receiver. In this work, you can take some help from the manufacturer’s instructions.

With a bit of luck, these mentioned above steps will help a lot when it comes to installing the wireless security camera systems at your home. If you cannot perform these steps, it is important to hire a professional or specialist to carry out the same work.  


How to Sort Scrap Metal?

Do you want to sort the scrap metals you have? Is it possible to make some extra cash by recycling the scrap metal? Can you sort and separate the metals by yourself? These are some of the questions that can knock the doors of your brain when it comes to selling or recycling the scrap metal.

As a beginner, you need to know the materials that the recycling companies and organizations will accept. In addition, you must know the procedures you can use to sort the scrap metals.

Unlike the organic materials, metals can be reused in a number of ways. This is why the best way to dispose of scrap metals is to take the metal to any reliable recycling store. From contacting your local recycling stores to separate out the whole items, there are plenty of things you have to do carefully. However, the most difficult part of the selling or recycling procedure will be the sorting process of scrap metals.

As a novice, it can be very difficult for you to sort the scrap metals efficiently like the pros. You need to have a little knowledge about things and methods you can do for salting the scrap metals. This is why you can deep down into the following paragraphs right now without any doubt:

Separate Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals

Separate Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals

The first and foremost thing you have to do is to separate the ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The ferrous metals like tin, iron, and steel can have the least value in the market. You can ensure this particular thing by using a magnet. If the metal is magnetic, it will be a ferrous metal.

On the other hand, the non-ferrous metals cannot attract a magnet quickly and have more value in the market. Any metal that is non-magnetic will be a nonferrous metal. All of the non-ferrous metals and alloys are worthwhile. It means the payout of the non-ferrous metals will be higher than the ferrous metals.

Know The Items That Can Be Recycled

On the other hand, you have to know the items that can be recycled effortlessly. For example, you can separate out the batteries, motor parts, and catalytic converters. It does not matter which kinds of metals you select, but you should use a magnet to categorize them effortlessly.

Choose Metals Into Various Containers

Once you categorize the metals, it will be the best time for you to choose metals into various containers. You need to sort the metals like the stainless steel, brass, tin, copper, and lead very carefully.

Sort Dirty And Clean Metals

There could be some metals contaminated with mud and rust should be separated out from the clean metals. These are metals that are contaminated will need additional processing and cleaning. Hence, it would be very important to sort dirty and clean metals.

Hire A Specialist To Sort Metals

Today, you can also hire specialists who have greater expertise in sorting the metals. These experts can work efficiently when it comes to sorting the metals. You might have a little knowledge about the variety of metals, but these experts have a greater knowledge in the same industry.

Find The Best Recycling Stores/Scrapyards

Now, this will be the best time for you to find the best recycling store or scrapyard in your local area.

Take Your Scrap Metal To Scrapyards

Take Your Scrap Metal To Scrapyards

Last but not least, you can take the salted scrap metals to any nearby recycling store or scrapyard.

Hopefully, you have successfully understood the things you need to do for sorting the scrap metals. If you still have some doubts, you should work with the experts only to sort metals.


What to do with a Junk Car Without Title?

Have you lost paperwork of your junk cars? Is it possible to hire junk car removal without having a title? What you can do with junk cars without a title? These are some of the questions that might take place in your mind when you are looking to sell your junk cars. No doubt, you can get immense worth out of your junk cars.

However, paperwork is still a very important thing you should have to make better and beneficial deals. In many cases, the cash for cars Brisbane owners can misplace the title of the car and they think they cannot do much with their junk cars without a title.

Junk Car Without Title

However, it can be difficult to say something sure about the procedures you have to chase for selling your car without a title. In easy words, you need to be a little more careful about the junkyard and the selling procedure. If you are all set to sell your junk car without having a title, you must know some important details about this concept in the following paragraphs:

What to Do With No Title Junk Cars?

Title will not be a problem today, especially the ones who have a few other documents. If you have a valid driver’s license as well as a copy of the registration, then title will not be a problem. Despite the title of your car, the buyers will surely check the age and current conditions of your car.

On the other hand, you need to fit in your brain that there are some companies that will not purchase cars without registration and title. The title of your car can become a certain problem when you do not have the copy of registration and driver’s license.

How To Sell Junk Cars Without A Title?

Now, you have successfully understood what to do when you do not have the title of junk cars. Consequently, you would love to know the ways you can use to sell the junk cars without a title. It would be tricky to sell junk cars without a title but still you can consider the following ways to sell them proficiently:

How To Sell Junk Cars Without A Title
  • Use the internet – first and foremost, you can use the internet to find any reliable scrap dealer that purchases junk cars on good values.
  • Use classified sites – on the other hand, you can use the classified sites to advertise your junk cars and attract the potential buyers.
  • Hire authentic scrap buyers – of course, the best way to sell your junk cars without a title is hiring authentic scrap buyers. There are thousands of reliable and authentic scrap buyers that can let you have the best value for your car.
  • Ask your friends and family – if you want, you can ask your friends and family e to suggest something about selling the junk cars.

With the help of these mentioned above methods, it would be much easier for you to sell your junk cars and get the best value.

McKinney psychiatrist

When to Take a Teen to the Therapist?

Your daughter or son has an important exam or any seminars in which he or she has to score nothing less than an A. They have exactly a week to prepare for it. Through the week, your teen, and maybe you, are likely to experience anxiety, worry, increased heart rate, irritation, sleepless feel, fear able state, anger, and more. Just before the exam, your kid may even have these butterflies in the stomach feeling. She or he is so scared about their score or their result. She will fail that she wants to run away and hide anything but take that test. Stress is how the body responds to demanding or threatening experiences. You feel stressed when you are under pressure to do something or when you have to deal with any problems. Stress also activates the fight or unpleasant response; it may case to create the problems at the mind level. When a person is facing a perceived or imminent threat or is extremely stressed, the automatic fight response is triggered. This response plays a vital role in how we deal with stress. It prepares the body to either fight the threat or flee from it. When the fight mode is activated, the amygdala, which is called neurons in the brain will, sends a distress signal to the hypothalamus, which is the communication center of the brain. The hypothalamus sends a response to the adrenal glands through the automatic nervous system, activating the sympathetic nervous system.

When to Take a Teen to the Therapist

The adrenal glands suddenly release adrenaline into the blood, which in turn releases blood sugar, sending energy to all parts of the body. When this happens, the individual’s heart rate increases, pupils dilate, the body starts to shake, and the skin is flushed or becomes pale. The person stays in this state for 20 to 60 minutes, before coming back to a normal, relaxed state. Teenagers experience this response to stress as adults do, and it is normal as long as the response does not extend to long periods. Small doses of the fight response are essential and helpful. That response is what helps you duck in time from getting hit by a ball or move out of the way of an oncoming vehicle just in time. There are many signs of teen stress such as emotional signs, physical signs, behavioral changes, cognitive symptoms. When you notice these signs from your daughter or son, you should arrange the McKinney psychiatrist for your teen. If you have a sign of stress, there must be a cause of teen stress. So that there are many causes will find out of the teen stress such as academic stress, physical stress, social stress, stress due to family problems, financial stress, traumatic events, drastic changes in life, romantic relationship, poor self-esteem, unhealthy competition, and poor time management. If you want to have your homemade therapy you should need to sleep to reduce the stress feeling or the fight response. If you want a better relief from the stress you just consult the therapist for your teen.

How to check a website hosting server

The way to Find the Website Hosting Server

One of the essential parts of advertising is directing examination about your opposition, and one way to deal with doing that is to search for who is facilitating a contender site. Presently, it isn’t precarious to do at all as there is a great Domain Hosting Checker instrument accessible. It is an SEO apparatus that permits you to see data of specific sites, containing their name servers, IP address, and the site has, among others. By discovering the data of your rival site, you will become familiar with all the essentials of what you have to think about your market.

In this manner, while directing an exploration of contender sites, you don’t have to reconsider yet use Domain Hosting Checker instrument you can use to check to facilitate your rival destinations. Under such a case, you might need to exploit the checker that will permit you to show explicit data and maybe even exercises of your competition. If you wish to put forth your attempt promoting employable, it is reasonable to check like space facilitating checker, and one of the astounding devices to do that for you is Domain Hosting Checker that permits you to see what others are doing.

For what reason would it be a good idea for you to use Domain Hosting Checker? Aside from these wonderful viewpoints and capacities as referenced before, the apparatus is likewise exceptionally advantageous to use that it needn’t bother with any establishment. At the point when you use the instrument, you won’t have to invest energy in introducing some other programming just to use it.

The essential expectation is that the Domain Hosting Checker is a free online device that permits you to check any URL and see its facilitating administration in a moment and because it is on the web, you can likewise do checking anyplace you are on the web. Under such a case, you can use it while checking for some sites and their separate facilitating organizations whenever, on the off chance that you are associated with the web.

How to check?

How to check

How to check a website hosting server? New website hosting tools of Level that you can use. The tool allowed exploring the website that is hosted in a few minutes. Simply you need to enter the domain name or use the data. Once you find the IP address of website City country where the site is located or provider name you can easily find all the detail of the competitor.

By enter the domain name or use the data from the second tab you will find the name for a person who has used the domain. As well as, you can get the date of domain name creation. You can find all the detail of the domain owners include mobile phone or Email address. Make sure to use the application appropriately to get the contact details of the person.

Such Useful information

Now it’s a great chance to know who the hosting provider is. Moreover, you will be able to compare the prices of popular hosting providers by getting the information.