Founded in October 2009 by Richard Kane Ferguson and Renee Boucher Ferguson, R. Kane Productions is a development company specializing in producing unique, creator-owned licenses for comics, film, gaming and animation. The company’s mission is to syndicate its fully painted and pen-and-ink sequential art across media outlets. In a word, we develop beautifully rendered comics and graphic novels for digital and print distribution.

Comics Our Golden Age

Travel back through the mists of time to the original age of Gods and Heroes, back to the very beginning of myth and legend. It is the late cretaceous period.

Golden Age

This is the story of the demigod Xell. In time he will become Lord Protector of the tangled.

Pulp Heroes

Imagine the greatest heroes from the Pulp Era all together on one team fighting the darkest villains of their day

Twilight of the Gods

Back in the day – as in the first day – the Gods created Woman. The first Man came later, more of an afterthought.

Current and Upcoming titles by lead artist Richard Kane Ferguson include:

With a nod to our digital brethren, we hope to see Golden Age – and all our content – available across key digital platforms such as Comixology and, as the handful of major digital platform providers out there take on more creator-owned materials...

Digital Comic Series

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Saratoga Springs

After some weeks of trying to find just the right digital reader format R Kane Productions is screamin’ thrilled to announce Issue #1 of its first digital comic series.

Twilight of the Gods

The 10-page Comic Serial, available at, is created in pen & ink and written and illustrated by comic, gaming and fantasy veteran creator Richard Kane Ferguson.

In the spirit of Slaine:

The Horned God, Twilight of the Gods is a revisionist look at the Fall of the Gods and the apocalypse of the golden age of myth.

Great Empire

A good war is made to last forever. In Issue #1 of Twilight of the Gods discover the lost world of the first age of gods and heroes.

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What Does Rref Mean on a Graphing Calculator?

What Does Rref Mean on a Graphing Calculator?

Maybe you are newer to this word rref, what does it mean? It is the abbreviation of reduced row echelon form.

In some of the situations when our text fails to define rref, so rref function makes it able to define.

In the graphing calculator, this function is available, which helps to transform any of the matrixes into a reduced row-echelon form which is the basic function, look at this website.

We also use Scilab notations on the matrix for basic row functions.

What are the benefits of the rref function in graphical calculators?

What are the benefits of the rref function in graphical calculators

We find rref helpful for identification of the bases of functions of the column and row space of a matrix, the basis of the row space is essential for the rows of the rref and col spaces are essential for the columns of rref original matrix.

But while using simple text, it doesn’t seem easy to identify, but rref makes it simple to identify and helps find the solutions of the variables involved in the matrix.

Why do we need to reduce the matrix to echelon?

We need to reduce the matrix to echelon for many reasons such as

We want to make a check on the matrix that is it irreversible and can find its inverse. Because when we perform this basic operation to the matrix, then we are multiplying the set of matrices.

With multiplication results, we come to know that is the matrix inverse or it is inverse of other matrices.

The other reason for reducing the matrix to echelon is to get a Cartesian equation of the image of F:X—AX+B and become able to find a point of that image. It makes it possible for us to get a parametric description of the antecedent.

The third reason for reducing the matrix to echelon is to extract a base of the images.

Is it advantageous for the Real-world?

In the real world, the main advantage of this function is to simplify our problems in different conditions, such as when you have a fewer number of equations variables.

In some conditions where the dimension of the problems are too high for the simple calculus, which makes it unable to solve? In such times this function work for us to solve our problems and get the required results to apply to real-world problems.

These problems are mostly finding in the finance areas where we are trying to set some pricing options.

How rref present on graphical calculators?

How rref present on graphical calculators?

In the graphical calculators, rref is used by pressing the rref command in the following ways.

For entering the matrix in the rref you will need to press y it will give you access to the matrix menu, then go to the user menu, and then to the EDIT.

Now press the dimension of the matrix such as A or any name that you have for the matrix.

Next to that, you will need to enter the dimensions of matrix A such as 2 x 4, after that enter the values which you see in the matrix.

For entering the values, you will need to press Í after each entry. Once values are entered by following instructions, press yz to QUIT, it will return you to the main screen.

How to find reduced row echelon form?

Start pressing with Y and get access to the matrix menu, then using ~ go to Math, then use † to select B. to follow the above method as we follow for matrix A in the above content.

I have once done press Í, to calculate the rref of an augmented matrix.

Final Thoughts:

You have read about rref; it is one of the essential functions in graphical calculators which make us solve many of the problems which seems difficult to solve with simple calculus. You can get results for difficult, matrices and can apply the results in real-world situations.

2021 Daytona 500 Live Stream

Can You Know About the Live Stream Online?

What to do to get old updates about the Daytona tournament? For the time being, many websites are accessible to get updates about the Daytona live stream. To do so, you have to choose a credible website that provides easy access to get all the updates as quickly as possible. Before choosing a website, you must watch reviews and this will benefit you to choose an accurate website in a short amount of time.

For all the fans, it sounds so energizing to get all the information lives. Sadly, individuals can’t get the Daytona buffs at their home. It turns out to be extremely irritating never to watch the most loved tournament on television or can’t get the analyses on the radio about the most recent stream. Fans pass on to know the correct information about the most recent stream or what’s going on in the field.

Live Stream Online

 All these sporting events are interested or if you are an immense devotee of Daytona then you can get all the most recent news about the most loved players for the group effectively at these websites. Fans are constantly intrigued to get the most recent stream or they need to connect with about the genuine reports on the ongoing tournaments. To know the stream, you can open the website on your cell phone.

 As soon as could be expected under the circumstances, you can get all the hit controversies about most loved players. In any case, if you need to get all the updates then you will have the option to get it effectively from the Daytona websites. The news spread like a slide or Wildfire in the media. If you need to get any information about a most loved player who is being played then you can on the 2021 Daytona 500 Live Stream.

Daytona 500 Live Stream

 There are various websites accessible to give information for related news about the most loved games. You will have the option to look at all the Historical minutes, pictures, or most recent tattle. Additionally, you can see all the incredible news about most loved players or groups. Presently, you shouldn’t be concerned to get speedy answers consequently. It will be valuable to look at the live stream on these websites. According to the decision who can you catch the screen capture of the live stream? You will have the option to look at the live status of the game. You can encounter the rush or energy by getting the information from these online websites. You don’t have to miss any single snapshot of the game or become more acquainted with the live stream.

On these websites, there are various highlights accessible that can be utilized to get all the information. In an ongoing tournament, you can get all the information about any player who is on the field. It is a noticeable spot to get all the information about the games page. For all the games sweethearts who are intrigued to get the information that you can take the correct information or catch the live-action without any problem.

How Long Does a Hair Straightener Last

How Long Does a Hair Straightener Last?

Do you have hair straighteners, but it does not work well with your hairs? What can be the reason when there is not any fault you find?

Do you think maybe you need a replacement of the hair straightener? When a hair straightener becomes old after using it needs replacement, if you do not replace it, then you will not get required results.

How you will know your straightener has complete its lifespan and now need replacement. Read our below content and know more about the lifespan of a hair straightener.

What is the average life of a hair straightener?

What is the average life of a hair straightener?

We do not have the exact answer to that question because many factors affect such as its use, care while use and how you maintain your hair straightener.

But an average life span of cordless hair straighteners is between two to three years, and after that, you need to replace it with a new one, if you want good performance.

But if you are a professional and use a hair straightener for customers then, you should replace it every year.

How will I know that my hair straightener needs replacement?

There are some signs that if you noticed then, you would need to replacement with a new one.

The time-period of hair straightener:

The time-period of hair straightener:

If you have used your hair straightener for more than three years and now it does not give satisfactory results, then instead of spending money on it you should replace it with a new hair straightener.

Check the wires system:

You should see that wires are frayed or wires are exposed, and its plug become faulty again and again.

If you repair it again and again but same results, then it is a sign that you should replace your straightener, there is a risk of electric shock, so to avoid from unwanted results, it is better replacing.

Feel odour while use:

When you use the hair straightener for straightening your hairs, it gives bad smell. It means there is a problem in its internal motor and it is near to damage.

If the motor of the straightener become damaged then, do not waste your money to repair it, again and again, a better option is to replace the straightener.

Identify Dents, scratches on the plates:

Identify Dents, scratches on the plates

If you see dents and scratches on the plates or see some damages, then it is warning for you, your straightener is near to complete its life span and need replacement.

It is better to replace; otherwise, it may cause damage to your hairs with its improper functioning.

Can I enhance the life span of my hair straightener?

The answer to that question is quite simple” yes” it is possible to extend the life span of your hair straightener.

If you maintain functioning and take proper care of your hair straightener, do not use it daily and keep it with proper instructions, you can extend its life for more than one to two years than average life.

Final Thoughts:

With use hair straightener also need replacement, there is no exact answer of how does long it lasts. But an average life of an individual’s straightener is two to three years, and a professional person’s straightener is one to two years. But with proper maintenance, you can extend its lifespan.

Supercross 2021 Live Stream

Supercross 2021 Live Stream – A Source Of An Extreme Enjoyment

Motorbike sports have always been exhilarating. Significantly, the outdoor one’s where powerful dirt bikes go through rough and rugged terrains. The sharp turns, steep climbs, and reliable handling is what the audiences die for.

One of the best types of dirt bike racing is the Supercross series hosted by the American Motorcyclists Association, aka, AMA. They have been hosting this motocross-inspired indoor dirt bike racing for the last 46 years. And now the 47th competition is just on its way.

When is the next supercross?

When is the next supercross?

The next Supercross 2021 Live Stream is due to start on January 16. The first round of this event will be in Houston, Texas. But unlike every year, this year, there will be a minimal amount of live audience due to Covid-19.

Plans for the audience

AMA has decided to limit the number of audiences in the stadium. The ticket prices will be higher than usual because the lower seat numbers will cause the sport’s monetization issue. Though the sponsors have increased the budget, ticket selling is still a significant way for AMA to earn back the money they spend each year on this event.

That’s why the limited seats will have a very high markup. For that reason and personal safety reasons, this year, the pressure will be on live stream channels. To mitigate that, it will be shown on several websites. But mind that the number of audiences will be higher than ever now that everyone gets to sit at the front row seat.

Supercross 2021 live

Supercross 2021 live

To catch the show’s live and superior excitement, supercross 2021 live stream channels will have all the pressure there is. Though cable tv channels will also cover the live show, people will prefer watching the show on live stream websites due to the internet’s outreach because they will be free.

But due to the high number of expected audiences to sit in front of their device this year, the competition to get the perfect server will be higher than ever. We can take an example from other sporting events this year. Football and cricket streaming websites often crashed due to the high number of people visiting and sitting on them at the same time.

To not let that happen, websites this year will limit the number of viewers at one time. So, when the limit is reached, if you’re late, you won’t be able to log I and watch your favorite racers compete and trying to win your favorite motorcycle race of the year.

Final words

To make sure that you don’t miss the event, you have to have a streaming channel to stream the event seamlessly. Of course, there will be many channels streaming, but not all of them will have a high definition quality that you can expect from the best ones.

So, get the best experience of watching Supercross 2021 Live Stream from home safely on high definition quality and better than everyone else. Hope, you will get an extreme enjoyment.

How to Determine Garage Door Torsion Spring Size

How to Determine Garage Door Torsion Spring Size?

Providing the suitable torsion spring for the application is the number one priority. It is very difficult to find some springs so try to follow some expert’s instructions. There are just four steps to follow to determine the garage door torsion spring. The first step is to determine the direction of the spring as the main one and you can determine it by looking at the end. If it is in the clockwise direction then it is a left-wound otherwise it is a right-wound. So try to determine it quickly.

The second step is measuring the length of the spring and inches of the coils. And compare it with the chart you have for measurement. Then check the length per coils and wire. The third step is measuring the inside diameter for torsion springs to the one bar sixteen inch. The fourth step is measuring the overall length to the quarter inch, visit at So these are all the four steps to determine the garage door torsion spring size. Also, it can apply to every type of garage door. If you want to know in-depth about the garage door then try to surf on the internet and make use of it.

Why determine garage door spring length is important?

Why determine garage door spring length is important

It is necessary to change the garage door spring every five years. Because it may be filled with rust or other dust so changing it is the main thing. Generally, determining the length is very important for every type of door. When you change your springs then you can live in your home without any fear. Because it is considered as a safeguard for the house and the door also and if you do not determine the length correctly then it may be unfit for your door and it is waste of time and as well as money.

How to know what spring to get for the garage door?

How to know what spring to get for the garage door

It is always based on your observation because already you people know how to measure its length. So when you tell the garage door spring is right or left-wound then it is very easy to select the spring for your garage door. Even it is the only thing which is very important for its process. If your door’s spring is too strong then it will not stay on the floor. Generally, it will not stay in the middle way but it will stay fit when the door is fully opened.

Some people get confused to select the best between extension and torsion springs. Everyone preferred to use torsion spring instead of extension spring because it is stronger than extension springs. But it is expensive and also it is due for a long time. Approximately, the cost of a torsion spring is fifteen to twenty thousand. So try to buy the torsion springs for your door and do not waste your time. Even they also provide great balance and security to the home and it shows more control while moving and it does not jerk when it moves.

How to Get a Broken Key out of a House Door Lock

How to Get a Broken Key out of a House Door Lock

Do you know the way to get a broken key out of a house door lock? Anyway, it is an essential thing to learn. If you face this problem, some successful processes will help you to get a broken key out of a house door lock. Remember one thing that it is possible to get a broken key out of a house door lock. So, today, in this article, I will discuss how to get a broken key out of a house door lock.

Essential equipments to get a broken key out of a house door lock

Essential equipments to get a broken key out of a house door lock

Well, you can do this task successfully. But you will need some essential tools at Mobile Locksmith Phoenix to get a broken key out of a house door lock. Firstly, you have to make ready the tools available in your hand before starting the task carefully. Here are the necessary tools:

• Pliers
• Tweezers
• Little Hacksaw Blades
• Paper Clips
• Glue
• Swiss armed force blade
• Jigsaw sharp edge
• Heated glue firearm

How can I prepare the house door lock before starting the action?

This progression isn’t fundamental. But I will suggest performing this step to get better performance when starting the project. However, this step will make things simpler for you. Alright, you have to apply some sort of ointment to make it elusive, so it comes out.

Again, you can use a silicone shower. I think the silicone ointment will enable the critical portion of the key move out effectively, and since it is water-safe, it will assist with securing your lock against rust.

Additionally, you can use graphite powder that assist with greasing up without gumming up the lock. Yes, it will be helpful to do the job easily.

Effective steps to get a broken key out of a house door lock

Effective steps to get a broken key out of a house door lock

You have to follow some effective steps to do the project perfectly. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Use tweezers to haul the key out

You will need a couple of tweezers. It is available in the market. So you can get tweezers easily. Again, you have to remember that every odd sort of tweezers will work. You need a couple that isn’t twisted on the end and is sufficiently dainty to fit inside the lock.

Additionally, mention that you have to simply take a full breath, keep your hand consistent and tenderly haul the part out – there is no reason to sweat it. When you end up driving the key further inside the lock, don’t stress – you can attempt one of the different strategies that I have described below.

Step 2: Additional paperclip system

You will require two paper cuts. Attempt to fix the paper cuts by twisting them.

Additionally, get your craft glue firearm and apply a touch of paste on the noticeable key end. After some time the paste will dry. Whenever it has solidified, snatch the paste mass and pull it. The wrecked key should come directly out.

Tips to get a broken key out of a house door lock

You should follow the below tips more carefully:

• Try not to attempt to open the entryway by embeddings the wrecked piece inside – you will make the evacuation cycle more confounded.

• Make a point to keep the messed up piece left in your grasp. You will require it after you have the other part out to make another key.

Now, you have realized how to get a broken key out of a house door lock. Again, you can hire an experience locksmith to get a broken key out of a house door lock.

How to Remove a Door Lock Cylinder

How to Remove a Door Lock Cylinder

In case if you are willing to keep the lock handle and orderly on a door but still are in need to change the lock, then you can do nothing but just simply substitute the cylinder which is placed inside a lock that is of the pin-and-tumbler type. You need to call a locksmith or the home improvement store so that he can rekey the lock of the door for you. Then after that, you will be feeling safe and protected at your home and you will not be required to worry about searching for the original hardware at To remove a door lock cylinder, all you must do is follow the following steps:

Steps to remove Door Lock Cylinder

● Step 1: You must first remove and detach the two screws that are placed on the lock of the door. These two screws are basically the screws of the Phillips-head type and their function is to grip the two halves of each door lock together. Then you must pull these halves away from each other, from out of the hole which is made in the door.

● Step 2: Then you must make use of the flat-head screwdriver so that you can turn the spindle in the middle of the lock of the door cylinder and that too in the clockwise direction till it stops. You will be noticing that the square tab on the rod is associated with the square mark in the covering of the rod itself.

● Step 3: Meddle the tab which includes the spring-load in the collection, and it is placed under the housing of the spindle in the inner area along with the flat-head screwdriver. Then in the end you have to jerk the shaft out.

● Step 4: This is the last step in which you have to do nothing but place the knife-edge of the flat-head screwdriver into the hole of the housing of the spindle and then finally snoop up it on the tab which is loaded with the spring.

● Step 5: Conclusively, you have to insert the wrench while the tab which is loaded with the spring is still pushing up and the cylinder will eventually come out.

For all of this procedure to follow, you will need some of the important apparatus and tools as such the screwdriver, flat-head screwdriver, and along with the wrench. You have to follow the precautions carefully so that you can successfully remove the door lock cylinder as such you must not bend or meddle with the housing of the spindle as it can damage it and will not be able to mend it and bring it back to its proper working condition.

How Long does a Garage Door Last

How Long does a Garage Door Last?

The stability of the door and how does a garage door last is fully depends on the usage level. It will also depend on the installation, construction, quality and quantity or door, maintenance, and climate change. Most of the garage door is depending on the frequency of use and manufacturers. With the proper maintenance, the garage door will be good in condition for fifteen to thirty years. The heavy garage door is the best for long-lasting security for your house. It does not require frequent maintenance. The installation cost of the garage door is minimum and works for a long time. It is the best in reliability and robustness. Even this makes good it increases the life of garage doors. Likewise, the performance of the garage is highly recommended and preferred to most of the people. Because the noiseless and smooth operation is the plus point of this kind of garage door. The lightweight and super smooth garage doors do not disturb others; go to this article for more.

Importance of using garage door for house

Importance of using garage door for house

The garage doors are not ever neglecting or avoiding factors for the house. Most of the people spending more money on getting the best door for their house. Because the doors are the security for all the costlier things which are presented in the home. The average garage door opens and closes nearly three to five times per day and approximately a thousand five hundred times per year. The average life-time of the garage door is about fifteen to thirty years. If the garage door is maintained properly then it is life-time is higher so it always depends on how it is maintained. Most of the people using this garage door for their entrance for making them secure and luxurious feel. There are also automatic garage doors are available in the market. In the sense, it will open the door automatically the car or the authenticated vehicle arrived at the house. Compared with other home projects, the garage door has the highest return on investment when the people trying to sell their homes. The next one is if anyone has a garage door with rolling codes then it automatically changes the transmit code.

What are the benefits of using a garage door?

What are the benefits of using a garage door

The garage door is looking so pretty so that your home also looking good to see when you are fixing the garage door for your home. It is the strongest door, very hard to break the doors. Easy to maintain and also install. It will also work for a long life. The garage door is the best one when compared to another door. It will be providing you different coloured and different styled doors. Also, the garage doors played a major role in every industry. Already there are three varieties of garage doors are very popular with the people. Finally, if you are living in a place facing storms and tornados every time then using garage doors is the best idea for your protection. Especially the garage doors are a better solution for the companies.

How much Does it cost to Rekey a Door Lock

How much Does it cost to Rekey a Door Lock?

The extreme lowest price of the key pins on every lock, the suitable and affordable options to getting the locks with rekeying. It is spates better solution for all kind of door locks. The 24/7 Mobile Locksmith is very much affordable with the normal price ranges. And then the inconvenience in using the different keys in all rooms, then you will need this best solution for using the save key to every room in your home. Here only locksmith making cost and material cost is around the lowest price. The old keys are replaced with the new key. Locksmith advice you to buy the key design and brand by a simple process based on your budget. Most of the homes are having the multiple locks. So the fraction of cost, you can get the rekey which are not more expensive. Most of the lock brands having the rekeying kits. Due to some security precautions, the locks cannot be replaced but out can rekeying for all brands of lock in your home.

Extreme lowest price option in lock rekeying method:

Extreme lowest price option in lock rekeying method

In order to change locks, there you can rekey the locks with the extreme lowest budget. It is not as much take more time. This process of rekeying takes about 10 minutes to 15 minutes. This is the best feature, which is available in all size and brands of locks. To make it easy, then you need not take worry. Go to the hardware associate shop and make a further move. Based on the key design, this can possible with the general price.

Once you rekey your locks in your home, it is very much easy to use a single key for all rooms. It is a safe method to avoid searching all keys every day and at any time. This is the best idea to switch this choice in your home and make your life easy. It is the simplest process and which takes some time with the better cost. It is the altering lock mechanism which is used to make if necessary. Due to this rekeying method, locks can easily access and you visualize the more sense in every lock and key.

In many circumstances, the lock and keys are mostly used by everyone. The people who lost the key, the locksmith help you to rekey based on the brand of the lock. The working trip cost must pay to the locksmith when you call him at any emergency purposes. The working cost may vary according to the locksmith. They might need the working cost around $100 but the lock and key charges are separately paid to him at the time of finishing. The method is used for entire rooms in home which need to take some hours to do perfectly with the same key. If you are experienced in this rekeying method, you will further convey to all your friends. The awesome method of rekeying is one of the best methods for all family members in your home. It minimize the stolen key and risk-free security focus.

How to Tighten a Home Door Knob and Lock

How to Tighten a Home Door Knob and Lock?

It is a problem for them who live side of a high traffic road. High jerking and vibrations of cars are responsible for loosening the doorknobs and locks. Besides rust, using for a long time, anything can be the reason. Here in this article, we’ll figure out how you can fix this problem by using some easily available tools. Here is the step by step guide.

  1. Check the Door Knob

You can’t do anything if you are not sure about the knob structure. There are mainly 4 types of knobs. Exposed screw, spring-loaded with a hidden screw, Kwikset knobs, and knob with a set screw. These 4 are commonly used. The exposed screws can be visible from outside. Spring-loaded with a hidden screw is behind the faceplate of the door. These door locks are attached with a spring and a button. There is a hexagonal set screw, behind the faceplate for the knob with a set screw. The hexagonal set screw is needed to be removed. Kwikset knobs are rare. There will be a long spring, attached with a spindle. By twisting the neck of the knob, you can open it.

Tight the Interior Screws
  1. Tight the Interior Screws

The first step is particularly done to tighten the interior screws in the door. Mainly 4 types of doorknobs are there. Your door must be among these 4. At once, you succeed in undoing the locks and faceplate, tight all the screws with the help of a screwdriver. Philips headed screwdrivers are generally suitable with it. Though the screwdriver must be according to the type of screw, used in the faceplate. Apply anticlockwise pressure on the screwdriver to tight the faceplate.

  1. Check The Lock Cylinder

The lock cylinder is the cylindrical part that goes into the lock hole. It is attached to the strike plate and latch plate. If any of these parts get loosened then it will cause a jam in the key passage. As a result, it will put pressure on the key while opening the lock. So, with the help of the screwdriver, rotate the screws clockwise and make the cylinder stable at a point. At that moment make sure the alignment of the cylinder is perfect. Then tighten the strike plate. Here, make sure the part of the paddle is aligned to the strike plate with an angle.

Fix The Door Paddle and Check The Hinges
  1. Fix The Door Paddle and Check The Hinges

After finishing the tightening job from both outside and inside, put the paddle or knob into its right place. Check whether the parts especially the set screw and the strike plates are perfectly attached or not. Then one by one fix the latch plate and knob. While repairing the door locks, check the alignment of the door too. If there is any problem with the door alignment then it will cause problems. Tighten the door hinges properly.

Repairing doorknobs and the lock will be not easy if you don’t have the necessary instruments. It would be better if you buy a DIY toolkit.