How Long Does a Hair Straightener Last?

How Long Does a Hair Straightener Last

Do you have hair straighteners, but it does not work well with your hairs? What can be the reason when there is not any fault you find?

Do you think maybe you need a replacement of the hair straightener? When a hair straightener becomes old after using it needs replacement, if you do not replace it, then you will not get required results.

How you will know your straightener has complete its lifespan and now need replacement. Read our below content and know more about the lifespan of a hair straightener.

What is the average life of a hair straightener?

What is the average life of a hair straightener?

We do not have the exact answer to that question because many factors affect such as its use, care while use and how you maintain your hair straightener.

But an average life span of cordless hair straighteners is between two to three years, and after that, you need to replace it with a new one, if you want good performance.

But if you are a professional and use a hair straightener for customers then, you should replace it every year.

How will I know that my hair straightener needs replacement?

There are some signs that if you noticed then, you would need to replacement with a new one.

The time-period of hair straightener:

The time-period of hair straightener:

If you have used your hair straightener for more than three years and now it does not give satisfactory results, then instead of spending money on it you should replace it with a new hair straightener.

Check the wires system:

You should see that wires are frayed or wires are exposed, and its plug become faulty again and again.

If you repair it again and again but same results, then it is a sign that you should replace your straightener, there is a risk of electric shock, so to avoid from unwanted results, it is better replacing.

Feel odour while use:

When you use the hair straightener for straightening your hairs, it gives bad smell. It means there is a problem in its internal motor and it is near to damage.

If the motor of the straightener become damaged then, do not waste your money to repair it, again and again, a better option is to replace the straightener.

Identify Dents, scratches on the plates:

Identify Dents, scratches on the plates

If you see dents and scratches on the plates or see some damages, then it is warning for you, your straightener is near to complete its life span and need replacement.

It is better to replace; otherwise, it may cause damage to your hairs with its improper functioning.

Can I enhance the life span of my hair straightener?

The answer to that question is quite simple” yes” it is possible to extend the life span of your hair straightener.

If you maintain functioning and take proper care of your hair straightener, do not use it daily and keep it with proper instructions, you can extend its life for more than one to two years than average life.

Final Thoughts:

With use hair straightener also need replacement, there is no exact answer of how does long it lasts. But an average life of an individual’s straightener is two to three years, and a professional person’s straightener is one to two years. But with proper maintenance, you can extend its lifespan.