Simple Steps for Exterior Paint Prep

How to clean outside of the house before painting

Want to know about the secrets of a good painting job? It could be difficult to prepare the exterior before the paint. Paint the poorly prepped surface only gives disappointment. It’s advisable to make the preparation before starting the painting. There is a need to arm with knowledge for the preparation for you can consult with professional painters or contractors. Here are the steps to follow for the exterior paint preparation project.

Is it a daunting task?

Yes, it is a daunting task to make the planning for the preparation. Actually, it’s depending on the size of the project for the experience level. You have to start with a good plan or identify all the parts of the project. Be sure to divide the parts of the project into different sections. Now you have to know what parts need to do together. The planning stage is important who won the best time you have to consider. It’s always a good idea to check out all the ports at here before starting the painting. There is a need to remove all the sand or clean the area properly.

Ladders setup

Ladders setup

The exterior paint project includes multi-story work. It means you need to get a ladder to reach on that place for safely painting. There is a need to set up a ladder outside the home for the interior application. A ladder can help to stands steadily or you will be able to do paint easily.

Cover the ground

You have to be very aware before hire the painters or use the best cover to shelter all the places to avoid the mess. Clean the paint debris out of brushes is not an easy task. There is a need to cover the ground area before starting the painting. You should keep an eye on the entire task to protect the floors from the paint drops. Definitely, you ask the professional painters to do the clean painting.

Tape around the objects

There are a handful of items need to be scattered when you are going for the exterior home painting. The list includes the utility had, racks or many more things. Actually, it depends on the nature of the item. For safety, there is a need to use the tape. Make sure to apply that tape perfectly to remove all the spots of paint.



The scrapping could be a tedious task. But, it’s mandatory to do scrapping or remove all the dust. There is a need to prepare the surface for the painting. You have to remove all the dust from the walls. It is an incredibly mandatory part of the process to get the desired results of painting.

Cleaning or surface repairs

How to clean outside of the house before painting? What you have to do for better preparation before the outdoor painting. You have to pay attention to the cleaning and repairing of old surfaces. There is a need to repair all the broken surfaces for once the repair is done you can clean the surface. Make sure you remove all the debris or dust from the wall to get the desired results.