Possible ways to Clean the Potty Seat

how to clean the baby potty seat

A potty chair represents a big step when you give training to your toddler. It indicates the milestone in making the life of your child and you. Sometimes, your kid understands all these things quickly. But, sometimes it requires a longer time. So, it is good to buy a potty chair from https://babyteems.com/baby-potty-seat/ for your kid when you are giving the potty training.

It is not an easy task for cleaning and disinfecting the child’s potty care. It became part of your house cleaning routine processor. There is needed to keep the potty chair clean and germ-free. It is a most think and you have to clean the potty chair. Don’t need to clean the potty chair like a toilet. The potty chair is not filled with water. So, you can’t completely flush all the germs. The entire house cleaning is a part of your routine and there is need to clean the potty box and it is a part of daily house cleaning.

Tools required for the cleaning process-

Tools required for the cleaning process

Here is the list of all the items which you require to disinfect and cleaning the child’s potty chair. These things are safe and environment-friendly which you can use to enhance child safety. So, you have to buy all these things which can help you to make the proper cleaning of a child’s potty chair.

 Baking soda
 White vinegar
 Old toothbrush
 Plastic spray bottle

Steps of cleaning

Steps of cleaning

 Do you want to know how to clean the baby potty seat? Children are like small adults. It is not an easy task to give potty training. Sometimes, kids understand all the things easily, but sometimes you have to spend a lot of time with them. It means you have to provide the proper knowledge about hygiene to your kid. During training time, you can help your kid to understand all the processes and work on the entire cleaning. But, your home kid is not able to clean the potty chair also and you have to clean the entire chair once a day.

 After that, you have to clean the potty part of chair. There is need to empty all the content into your toilet. So, you can rinse the pot with hot water and put it easily into it. You may have to do this a few times and put all the waste in flush.

 Even, you can feel a basin or bucket with water and mix it with half a cup of white vinegar. It allows you to clean up the potty box within few minutes. When the potty chair is soaking all the water, you have to remove rest of the water. It is good to apply the mixture of vinegar properly on potty chair. Now, you have to Scrub the entire chair. Even, you can use the old toothbrush for scrubbing. It is excellent natural disinfectant process that helps you to keep the potty chair clean. In the end, you have to drive the potty chair.