How To Configure Domain Name With Web Hosting?

How To Configure Domain Name With Web Hosting

Configuring domain name with web hosting is a prominent thing to look after. Precision and utmost care is prominent to take care of this task.  When you are done registering your business domain name and signed up with the suitable web server hosting service, then the very next step is to configure your hosting account. This process is otherwise called as setting your domain DNS. In general, DNS stands for Domain Name System and it is a crucial process to take your business live to the web. Novice often fined it a perplexing process but following the right procedure makes it simple.  The right procedures are listed below.

Configure Domain Name With Hosting Service:

Configure Domain Name With Hosting Service

In general, there two major ways of configuring the domain name with web hosting. They are explained below.

  1. Change nameserver at domain name registrar. It is one of the highly recommended method by experts. In this method, DNS zone is configured to match hosting’s IP address automatically. Control of domain settings can be easily transferred to hPanel and making management convenient.
  2. Pointing domain name via A record is another way of configuring. Changing IP address connected to DNS record is carried out in this process. Domain control stays in registrar. IP address remains static and it is recommenced when you are sure about IP address.

Changing Domain Nameservers

It is one of the highly recommended option by the experts in the field. The process of changing nameservers on various registrars is similar on all the registrars. The basic procedures are listed below.

  • Fish out the nameservers for your hosting and access hPanel’s DNS zone. Spot NS (Nameservers). Four nameservers are employed to ensure stability and maximum connectivity. When one failed, the other lends hand and solve the situations.
  • Nameservers are link to IP address and you can locate A (Host) section. Most of the time, you necessitates the name, sometimes IP as well.
  • Log in to control panel of domain registrar.
  • Now it is time to stick to DNS zone Editor. The name may differ in various hosting services but the common names are DNS editor, Manage DNS settings, etc.
  • It is time to clear all values from nameserver fields as well as input etc. Save the changes before exiting.

It may take a day for DNS to propagate worldwide.

Pointing Domain Name Via A Record:

Change A Record maps to suitable IP address. It is even possible to create two A records for domain name such as www subdomain and the other one is without it.

Name/Host- It refers domain or subdomain you need to configure it.

TTL-It is the short form of Time to Live. It decides the total time for server caches. Most of the time, the default value lies between in 4 hours.

Changing MX Record for Email

It generally specifies mail servers which grip incoming emails. Name refers domain name, priority should be set when you have more than one server.

Pointing Domain Name Via A Record

This is why domain name is configured with web server hosting. But if you are not confident enough to set your hands over it, it is better to seek professional help. The firm that render hosting service can also assist in completing this task. Instead of taking things in hand, consuming too time yet fail to achieve the target results, it is better to seek assistance of professional help.

I hope this article enlighten you about configuring domain name with web server hosting and eases all your intimidations in the process.