How to Determine Garage Door Torsion Spring Size?

How to Determine Garage Door Torsion Spring Size

Providing the suitable torsion spring for the application is the number one priority. It is very difficult to find some springs so try to follow some expert’s instructions. There are just four steps to follow to determine the garage door torsion spring. The first step is to determine the direction of the spring as the main one and you can determine it by looking at the end. If it is in the clockwise direction then it is a left-wound otherwise it is a right-wound. So try to determine it quickly.

The second step is measuring the length of the spring and inches of the coils. And compare it with the chart you have for measurement. Then check the length per coils and wire. The third step is measuring the inside diameter for torsion springs to the one bar sixteen inch. The fourth step is measuring the overall length to the quarter inch, visit at So these are all the four steps to determine the garage door torsion spring size. Also, it can apply to every type of garage door. If you want to know in-depth about the garage door then try to surf on the internet and make use of it.

Why determine garage door spring length is important?

Why determine garage door spring length is important

It is necessary to change the garage door spring every five years. Because it may be filled with rust or other dust so changing it is the main thing. Generally, determining the length is very important for every type of door. When you change your springs then you can live in your home without any fear. Because it is considered as a safeguard for the house and the door also and if you do not determine the length correctly then it may be unfit for your door and it is waste of time and as well as money.

How to know what spring to get for the garage door?

How to know what spring to get for the garage door

It is always based on your observation because already you people know how to measure its length. So when you tell the garage door spring is right or left-wound then it is very easy to select the spring for your garage door. Even it is the only thing which is very important for its process. If your door’s spring is too strong then it will not stay on the floor. Generally, it will not stay in the middle way but it will stay fit when the door is fully opened.

Some people get confused to select the best between extension and torsion springs. Everyone preferred to use torsion spring instead of extension spring because it is stronger than extension springs. But it is expensive and also it is due for a long time. Approximately, the cost of a torsion spring is fifteen to twenty thousand. So try to buy the torsion springs for your door and do not waste your time. Even they also provide great balance and security to the home and it shows more control while moving and it does not jerk when it moves.