Change Management – How to Handle Stress Caused by Change

How to Handle Stress Caused by Change

Nothing stays the same forever though sometimes it’s hard to admit this. If things are going well and something comes along to disturb our well-ordered lifestyles, naturally there may be some reluctance to accept these changes.

But it’s no use steadfastly clinging to the illusion that you can keep things as they were. When the time comes to move on and when life’s set to take another turn, there’s often nothing much you can do about it but bend with the wind.

Different Attitudes to Change

Different Attitudes to Change

Some people find it harder than others to accept changes. There are some who lead such restless, varied lifestyles that they don’t think twice about jumping at the next exciting opportunity that comes their way.

But others are more cautious and some actually like routine. Often a stable, ordered kind of lifestyle provides security and if this is under threat, then this type of person might feel as if their whole world is being torn apart.

If you’re nervous about changes to come, others may accuse you of panicking over nothing but you can’t help feeling the way that you do. What’s important now is that you try to change your outlook so that you can better accept what has to be.

Life Change: Stress caused by Change

If the changes that are occurring now seem as if they might change your life forever, you are justified in feeling nervous. But how can you make it easier for yourself?

First of all, you mustn’t look too far into the future. The other thing you shouldn’t do, is think of all the negative things that change might bring. Already you may be missing the things that have become so usual and familiar to you. But in their places, better things might come. Improvements can only be made through altering, modifying and revising what has been before. Remember that often, some changes are for the better.

How Change can be Accepted

How Change can be Accepted

To everything there is a season and the seasons are always changing. Spring turns into Summer, Summer into Autumn, Autumn into Winter and then returns the Spring.

We accept these changes as part of nature.- Just as our lives are subject to constant change. We grow older and more experienced. What caused nightmares when we were young hardly bother us in later years.

Without realising it, you’re changing all the time. It’s only when you bump into old friends you haven’t seen for years that this is brought home to you. – Change is a natural part of life so why should you be afraid of it?

How Change can be looked on Differently

Some questions to ask yourself when approaching change:

  • How are we to grow, if not by changing?
  • How do you mature if there are no experiences to help build your wisdom?
  • Are you to stand forever in the one spot without savouring any of life’s experience or do you embrace change?

If there are choices to be made and you’re being urged to welcome change rather than object to it, then know that this is an important stage of your life. Know that it is through tasting all the wonderful things that life has to offer – happiness, sorrow, excitement, uncertainty, joy and wonder – it is through these that we learn and grow.