How to Loosen a Mailbox Lock?

How to Loosen a Mailbox Lock?

Nowadays everyone is living in an apartment with more people. It is very crucial to receive secure their belongings so every apartment having a mailbox and people can put their belongings in it. Everyone gets a key for that and no one can get anything from it. Let us now see how to loosen the lock of such a box and this is the common problem that everyone facing today. Sometimes it is very difficult to operate but occasionally it happens.  If you face this type of problem then try to put a few drops of oil on the lock hole. Because most of the time this problem should cause by the over dirt and lubricate it for the better result. So, try to add oil first and if your problem is solved then leave it otherwise follow the below steps.

Firstly, pour few drops of alcohol onto a cotton ball and rub it into the lock hole. And it is the best solution for removing any kind of dirt on it. Then press that cotton ball into the keyhole and allow the alcohol to leak into the hole. Repeat this for several minutes and leave it for the whole night. Now you have to lubricate the lock hole by spraying the respective liquid. Finally, insert the key and test multiple times then the lock should loosen and you can use it freely. So, this is how you have to do for repairing the key lock.

How to remove ice from key lock?

How to remove ice from key lock

One of the common things that everyone faces during the winter season is ice. And ice will glaze over in some places and one of the places is mailbox hole. For reason, we will not protect the mailbox using anything so sometimes it will hard to open because of the excess ice. Here you should follow the given steps to solve the problem. Heat the keyhole and the key using any mild heater like a hairdryer. Do not heat much and repeat this for a while. You have to do it every twenty seconds and heat up for thirty seconds. Finally, spray the deicer if the hairdryer method is failed. Spraying deicer is one of the famous and fastest ways of removing the ice and every professional worker doing this so try this way too. So, these are other ways to loosen the lock.

What to do if the lock is broken?

If you are trying to loosen your lock and suddenly it gets broken then do not get nervous or buy a new one. You can fix it using the following ways. The main thing be careful while maintaining it and if it is broken then contact the service manager and explain about the problem. Surely, they will come and fix your problem. They never cost too much for fixing this problem so do not get a new one and do not waste your money and time too. So, try to maintain it frequently and make use of it.