How to Remove a Door Lock Cylinder

How to Remove a Door Lock Cylinder

In case if you are willing to keep the lock handle and orderly on a door but still are in need to change the lock, then you can do nothing but just simply substitute the cylinder which is placed inside a lock that is of the pin-and-tumbler type. You need to call a locksmith or the home improvement store so that he can rekey the lock of the door for you. Then after that, you will be feeling safe and protected at your home and you will not be required to worry about searching for the original hardware at To remove a door lock cylinder, all you must do is follow the following steps:

Steps to remove Door Lock Cylinder

● Step 1: You must first remove and detach the two screws that are placed on the lock of the door. These two screws are basically the screws of the Phillips-head type and their function is to grip the two halves of each door lock together. Then you must pull these halves away from each other, from out of the hole which is made in the door.

● Step 2: Then you must make use of the flat-head screwdriver so that you can turn the spindle in the middle of the lock of the door cylinder and that too in the clockwise direction till it stops. You will be noticing that the square tab on the rod is associated with the square mark in the covering of the rod itself.

● Step 3: Meddle the tab which includes the spring-load in the collection, and it is placed under the housing of the spindle in the inner area along with the flat-head screwdriver. Then in the end you have to jerk the shaft out.

● Step 4: This is the last step in which you have to do nothing but place the knife-edge of the flat-head screwdriver into the hole of the housing of the spindle and then finally snoop up it on the tab which is loaded with the spring.

● Step 5: Conclusively, you have to insert the wrench while the tab which is loaded with the spring is still pushing up and the cylinder will eventually come out.

For all of this procedure to follow, you will need some of the important apparatus and tools as such the screwdriver, flat-head screwdriver, and along with the wrench. You have to follow the precautions carefully so that you can successfully remove the door lock cylinder as such you must not bend or meddle with the housing of the spindle as it can damage it and will not be able to mend it and bring it back to its proper working condition.