Masters 2021 Live Stream: Useful Tips If You’re Attending the Event

Masters 2021 Live Stream

If you have bought tickets and got selected to watch the Masters live at Augusta National, then you are a lucky person. But if this is your first time, you might wanna have some tips that will make your experience better.

Masters 2021 Live Stream will also be available everywhere. But watching it directly is more exciting. The tips are based on real-life experiences and prepared over time. Let’s have a look at them and make your journey memorable.

The Masters 2021 Practice Round Tips

The Masters 2021 Practice Round Tips

The practise rounds are from 5th to 8th April this year. Following is a list of some useful tips for these days:

  • Bring a camera with you if you are entering one of these days. Because only in these three days you are allowed to capture photos and not in tournament rounds. And don’t rely on your phone, because unluckily phones are not allowed on the premises. So if you want to get excellent photos, bring a separate camera.
  • It has become a grand tradition to purchase official tournament merchandise. So if you also plan to shop, do it as early as possible. The official merchandises of the masters are available only during the Masters week, and if you get late, you may not get what you want because the stock goes out fast.
  • Though nowadays it’s a trend to take selfies, many want autographs as well. Take a good pen and paper if you want autographs from your favorite golfer. During the practice sessions, golfers often talk with the fans, and if you are lucky enough, you may meet your favorite. And also get an autograph.

General Tips for Attending The Masters 2021

General Tips for Attending The Masters 2021

If you’re attending the Masters for the first time, you can follow the tips below to have a significant experience:

  • Though we recommended you to purchase souvenirs early, could you not get them at the start of the day? Because then you will have to carry them all day long. Buy them on earlier days but at the end of the day. In case you can not hold yourself, and purchase earlier, you can ship them to your home. The FedEx and UPS shipping services are located near the exit point. You just need to go there and ship everything you bought addressed to your house.
  • Purchase a collapsible chair and take it inside with you. The popular spots are filled fast, grabbing your desired spot early and sitting there on a chair. Then you will be able to watch the game in a relaxing mood. Otherwise, you may have to stand all day.
  • During the tournament round, you are not allowed to bring cameras or use phones. Still, you can get a photo of yourself. You will see a line near the 1st hole. This is for a photoshoot. The organizers will take your photos and will deliver them to you at a later date. They will give you a plastic card, with it you will download the pictures from the internet.
  • If you go to the event with a group of people and plan to split up, then make all the plans beforehand. Select where you will meet again and when it is a massive course and be filled with people. Moreover, you are not allowed to use phones. So, after splitting up, you will not be able to contact each other. So planning everything will provide you with advantages.

Final Words

The Masters 2021 will be a once in a lifetime experience. And we tried to help you make it a memorable one. Masters 2021 Live Stream in April will be an exciting tournament to watch. And if you’re visiting Augusta National, follow the tips and have a thrilling day.